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Pimp Your Ninebot One

Pimp Your Ninebot One 

Customise your Ninebot One today. 

Customising is easy and you can customise it with anything you want.  Just provide us with the image (We supply the specifications and size and within 14 days your custom film is done and available for placing on your NinebotOne

The Best Viral Marketing Opportunity For 2016

Corporate promotional advertising on your Ninebot One - What a great way to get your marketing business or product or service. 
Check out some of the foils we have done to date and growing daily. These are of the very highest quality and the same foils used in dressing up customised luxury cars. 

Contact us today for pricing for customisation as it may verify depending on what is required - average pricing is $100 + GST per side. CLICK HERE