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Ninebot One E Plus


Top of the class, a brilliant ergonomically designed wheel with magnificent power for an effortless ride in all terrains. Combined with an adjustable riding experience through its integrated Ninedroid app, the Ninebot One E+ has comfortable handling and provides a superior ride. A heavier wheel at 14.2 kg but with a longer lasting 340Wh battery allows you to ‘zing’ for that much longer. The Ninebot One comes with atmospheric-iridescent LED lights – 10 lights on each side, gives a total of 20 LEDs. So whether you choose a ‘knight-rider’ red or a ‘Tron’ blue – the choices are endless. Well suited to taller and heavier riders due to its 1500W (peak power) motor. An excellent choice for those who want a fuller experience.

Ninebot One E+ White

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Quick Specs

Ninebot One E+ Weight 14.2kg
14.2 Kg
Ninebot One E+ Top Speed 20 Km/h
Max Speed
20 Km/h
Ninebot One E+ Full Charge Time 4 hours
Full Charge Time
4 Hours
Ninebot One E+ Max Range 25-32 Km
Max Range
32 Km
Ninebot One E+ Max Load 120 Kg
Max Load
120 Kg
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Ninebot One is a first class wheel with ample power for zinging around parks providing hours of fun.


A waterproof rating of IP65, combined with an excellent non-slip lattice covering the pedals, enables Ninebot One to ride in wet weather conditions.


Ninebot One E+ has sufficient power that enables it to travel across most terrains. Assisted by the Ninedroid riding modes selection, its functionality is extended.


Good manoeuvrability and excellent distance and speed capabilities make this wheel ideal for longer journeys.

Accessory Attachment Port

Well thought out and conveniently placed holes are allowed for a universal attachment, which can be mounted allowing further accessories to be attached.

Firstwheel Surf
Firstwheel Surf

Atmospheric Lights

Beautifully coloured lights are programmable with thousands of light combinations when using the Ninedroid app.

Large Pedal Size With Non-Slip Lattice

Extra large foot pedals for comfort ridding combined with a non-slip rubber lattice for use in wet conditions.

Firstwheel Surf


Ninebot 4-pin 61.2V charger for 100V-240V mains. Charge time 4 hours. Charge it in the office when commuting or in a cafe when on the go.

Firstwheel Surf

Ninedroid App

Ninebot One is accompanied by an app which allows you to track your journeys, monitor battery and motor performance, choose riding modes and colour of the lights.**

Firstwheel Surf

Soft and Ergonomically Designed Cushioning

Ninebot One has soft cushioning for a comfortable ride which reduces pressure on the legs.

Firstwheel Surf
Firstwheel Surf

Retractable handle

Retractable handle can be folded down when riding. Handle has special Ninebot One E+ etching.

Technical Specifications

14.2 Kg
47.5 x 45.3 x 17.5 (cm)
20 Km/h*
25-32 Km*
Full Charge Time
4 Hours
Max load
120 Kg
Motor power
1500 W
Rated motor power
500 W
340 Wh Lithium
* Result of Project42 tests
** The app is free to download from App Store and Google Play. A smartphone is not included to the package.

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